Rules of Advertising

Posting of Ads

Only individuals/companies who have been verified by and approved as verified users are allowed to post ads. Ads must comply to terms and conditions and the following rules. reserves the right to approve or reject or delete any ads or users if found to infringe any of the rules, terms & conditions and privacy policy as displayed in their respective web pages. Please ensure that you review and understand them fully before using and posting on

Trust & Honesty

Please be truthful and honest in what you are advertising. will not be held liable or responsible for any issues arising from your advertisements on our portal.

Ad Title

Ad title should only consist of advertised item’s brief description. Words such as “best deal”, “promotion”, “best offer” or similar terms are not allowed to be used in the title. Please be honest and truthful to what you are advertising.

Ad Description

The ad description must comply with’s rules and terms & conditions. It is illegal to copy from other advertisers due to copyrighting laws.

No usage of illegal, offensive, or links to other sites are allowed either. Your ad will be automatically rejected if it goes against any of the rules and terms & conditions of the site.

Do not put in terms that do not relate to your ad. For example, it is not allowed to advertise a BMW vehicle but include the terms Audi or Mercedes Benz in your the ad.

Ad Category

Please select the category that fits best with your advertisement. If you need a new category, please contact us and we will look into it.

Ad Language

Languages allowed are Bahasa Malaysia and English only.

No Duplicates. 1 Item to 1 Ad

No duplicate ad for the same item is allowed. Please delete the previous ad and post a new one after. If the ad uses the same item as another ad but only amendments done to the ad title and description, it will not be approved for publishing and can be rejected or deleted.

Only 1 item can be displayed in 1 ad. Please create more ads if you have multiple items.

No Other Site Links

You are not allowed to post any links to other sites in your ad. However, please contact us if you need help with this.

Ad Images

Only upload images that are related to the ad. You are NOT allowed to upload the following types of images:

  • illegal due to applicable copyright and national law
  • infringe’s rules and terms & conditions
  • children
  • contains own or other watermarks of any nature
  • images that are not your property
  • downloaded from any source that are not yours
  • is not .jpeg or .png
  • unclear
  • irrelevant
  • offensive or provocative
  • contain nudity
  • contact details or link description to other sources
  • false advertising
  • false items
  • any other images that may determine is illegal or wrong or irrelevant

Original Products Only

Only original products can be advertised. Pirated or forged or false products are not allowed on

Please provide relevant verification documents in image format and upload to ad to prove the authenticity of the product.

Ad Prices

Prices displayed on the ad must be realistic. Displaying prices in form of instalment, deposit, down payments or trade in are not allowed. reserves the right to reject or delete the ad if found to be not complying of this.

Pets & Animals

Trades regarding animals on must comply with the Wildlife Protection Act of Malaysia 1972, the Fisheries Act 1985, and CITES.

Illegal Items & Services

Any ads that consist or relate and not limited to the following list are not allowed on


  • Adult Sex Toy
  • Alcohol / Liquor
  • Brand new DC comic books and merchandise
  • Controlled chemical substances (eg. mercury)
  • Drugs
  • E-book
  • Email Address
  • Fireworks and Explosives
  • Foreign Registered Vehicle
  • Hacking Device or Software
  • Health Supplement for Infants
  • Human parts
  • Mobile Phone Number and SIM Card
  • Offensive Propaganda (including items related to Politics, Religion or other sensitive issues)
  • Paintball Marker, Gun and Firearm (Real, Replica, Toy or Fake)
  • Pornography
  • Prescription medications
  • Weapons
  • Pre-ordered Item
  • Products that go against the sales policy of any brand or company, i.e. products from Herbalife, Shaklee, Amway, TongYang Inc., STIHL, Elken & Phyto Science
  • Satellite Dish
  • Speed Trap Device
  • Spy Gadget
  • Tobacco-based products, e-cigarettes, vape devices & liquids, pod systems and all their accessories
  • Uncertified Herbal Medication
  • Unsafe slimming products (not approved by the Ministry of Health), for example Collagen Slim, Beautiful Slim Body and Figure-Up
  • Used Undergarment
  • Vehicle Registration Number and Document
  • Vehicle with ‘Continue Payment’, ‘Continue Loan’ or ‘Sambung Bayar’
  • and other items that infringes applicable national law and codes


  • Black Magic Services
  • Car Pool Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Day Care or Babysitting Services
  • Domestic Help
  • Insurance or Medical Plans
  • Jobs from Overseas (except Singapore)
  • Loan and Refinancing Services
  • Looking for Agents, Dealers, Distributors, Suppliers, Joint Ventures, Business Partners, Franchises, and other similar ads
  • Matchmaking or Dating Services
  • Modelling Services
  • Human Trafficking
  • Personal Messages/Greetings/Announcements
  • Provision of Bank Loans
  • Get-Rich-Quick Schemes
  • Rental of Private Individuals’ Vehicles
  • Reunion Events or Get-Together Gatherings
  • Single or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM, SLM, Direct Sales)
  • SMS Services
  • Tattoo Services
  • Unlock or Jailbreak Services for Gadgets
  • Wifi and Broadband Services
  • and other services that infringes applicable national law and codes

This list may be updated from time to time by with or without notice.

Offensive content

Ads or images that could be perceived as offensive to ethnic groups, individuals, or public figures are not allowed.


Ads under “Services” must comply with applicable laws and regulations of Malaysia for the given profession.