Updated 21st of April 2020.

How to create an account?

  1. Click on register, fill in your name, username and email address.
  2. Use the password sent to your email to login.
  3. Please remember to store your password at a safe and secure place.
  4. You can change the password by clicking profile settings on the left, scroll to the bottom, key in the new desired password and click update.

Verified Users vs Normal Users

As a verified user, you are allowed to submit ads. A normal user is unable to submit ads. However, a normal user is still able to save published ads, follow other users, message users through the message system.

How do I submit ads?

  1. You’ll need to create an account and complete the steps below in order to be a verified user.
  2. Only verified users can submit ads.
  3. Once you are a verified user, please click on Submit Ad.
  4. Select the relevant categories and sub categories, fill in the ad title, description, upload images and complete the other required fields.
  5. After completing the above, click publish ad.
  6. Please select regular ad for free ad posting.
  7. Please select featured ad if you want to have the ad appear on the top at all times throughout 14 days. The featured ad will then revert to a regular ad for the remaining 16 days. Charges will be applied for selection of featured ad.
  8. Your ad will now be in Private Status until the admin has reviewed the ad contents.
  9. Once approved by the admin, the ad will then be published automatically.
  10. If the ad infringes any of our rules and terms & conditions, the ad will be rejected and the verified user will then need to resubmit a new ad that complies to the rules and terms & conditions.
  11. For any queries, please contact us using the contact form by clicking the contact us link on the top.

How do I become a verified user?

  1. Create an account by keying in your name, username and email address.
  2. Enter the password sent to your email to login.
  3. Go to profile settings on the left, click on verify your account.
  4. Fill in your email address, phone number and upload the required documents accordingly:
    • For individual registration, attach license id corresponding to name.
    • For company registration, attach company registration form (Form 9) corresponding to company name.
    • For agents, attach agent id/tag corresponding to name.
    • If you are an individual representing a company, please attach license id & company name card.
  5. Input the verification code in your email and submit.
  6. Await the admin to vet through the documents. Once accepted, the admin will then verify your account, allowing you to post ads.

Ads Validity

Published are valid for 30 days from submission. Once it passes that duration, the ad status will then become expired, whereby the verified user will then need to resubmit.

Bump Ads

Ads published will drop in order over time as newer ads are published to the top. Verified users can select bump ad to push the selected ad to the top of the list for a fee. This will help increase the visibility of your ads. However, the ad will not stay on top the entire duration and will drop as new ads are published over time.

Featured Ads

Featured ads are ads that will appear in the homepage and also the top of results for 14 days. After 14 days, the featured ad will be changed to a regular ad status for the remaining 16 days. Select this feature if you would like your ad to be prominently displayed. Charges are applied to selection of feature ads.

Regular Ads vs Featured Ads

Featured ads will always be displayed first before regular ads in the results page. So please pick featured ad if you would like your ad to be displayed prominently.

What are the payment options for bump ads or featured ads?

We utilize WooCommerce & Paypal for our payment processing. You can either create an account with Paypal or do a one time login through Paypal to process payments using your credit card. For ease of future transactions, we suggest creating an account with Paypal.

We will explore and implement new payment methods in the future.

For any queries or questions, please contact us by clicking contact us on the top of the page and filling up the contact form.

Happy EzJualing!